Is there magic in this world? I personally believe there is, however my preference are practical results.


Imagine for a moment that you can walk into a magical room to get the support and guidance of people that truly care about you, and want you to you succeed. Imagine that the people helping you to solve those problems have done it themselves.

That magical room is Breakthrough to Success, those People are the Mentors, with their clarity, years of experience solving problems similar in nature to which you are facing, which they themselves have faced and overcome in the areas of business, sales, marketing, mindset, leadership and communications.

Although we do not promise that we can solve every problem, we can say that these people are experts in their fields and are driven to support and help people facing adversity. Get a chance to pick their brains, and potentially solve your problems that you are facing, to make a breakthrough that potentially transforms your personal life, your business and career, and places you on a path towards true success.


So... Are you feeling overloaded?

Is your Business, Career and Relationships suffering?

Do you feel like that you just need to turn things around and make a Breakthrough now to move forward?

Do you want to learn from people with real experience that have actually solved the problems that you are facing?

Here are some of the most common problems that our customers face, who we support everyday:

  • Struggling in your business? with no real clarity, vision or purpose?

  • Struggling to find new customers? with no clear message to attract those customers that you really want to work with?

  • Working long hours and feeling burnt out or with no real happiness about what your doing anymore?

  • Finding that your staff and team are not engaging with you and giving you what you need from them?

  • Your business just not making enough sales? or you don't know how to create more sales to grow your business?

  • Finding that whatever your learning is just not hitting the spot to help you grow as a person to achieve what you want in life?


We can help

Who is in a better position to help you, people who have actually experienced the problems that you are facing and solved them? Or People that know theory about a particular area and teach this. The answer is obvious. People who have done it knows what it takes to overcome the challenges that you face, and even though your particular circumstances are in fact different, they are in a far better position to help guide and show you the path to take. 




Also known as Burning Light, Alister is an accredited coach, real estate author and business entrepreneur with more than 15 years of real experience.  Alister’s passion is in supporting those of you that want to create a business and to let it thrive. Alister focuses his efforts on helping you, his students form strong habits that allow you to take a path towards Business Success at a rapid pace. Alister truly Lights the path for you to take to move towards success, as he has done with many of his students.


Christine has see-through goggles when it comes to working out Mindset Problems that are holding you back. Christine has over 25 years’ experience as a leading expert in Business & Career Elevation. She empowers you to shift gears, turn on the rocket boosters and shoot towards the life you truly want to lead by activating your WEALTH, WELLNESS & WISDOM GENE for extra-ordinary outcomes.  Christine has a resounding acuity that gets to the heart of the matter with laser sharp accuracy.  She helps you find your “MISSING LINK” to make massive shifts.  You’ll gain crystal clear clarity that’ll inspire you to exponentially progress to the next phase in your life and career or business with greater direction and confidence. Christine’s treasure chest of mindset elevation tools will give you an upper hand to achieve success in your life.


Also known as Red Hot Pepper, Ross loves creating successful people. He is a professional business coach and specialises in marketing for business owners and consultants. Ross is extremely passionate about accelerated and transformational coaching methodologies. Ross can assist you in breaking through your own limiting beliefs and un-resourceful behavioural patterns, including procrastination and fear surrounding marketing. Ross helps individuals and businesses breakthrough blocks in marketing to find the message that your VIP customers are looking for, using state of the art marketing strategies and techniques. Ross empowers people to achieve success by reaching the customers they truly were destined to work with and experience the live the life of their dreams.


Some would say he is the man with the Midus Touch. Thanh Tam Dang helped his family build a multi-million dollar business empire from scratch. Thanh’s family started from humble beginnings as immigrants with next to nothing. Thanh’s life changed forever when he discovered a tattered copy of Rich Dad Poor Dad and incorporated the teachings into his own person life and business. His family’s story from rags to riches has received widespread local media coverage and was even featured in Forbes Magazine. Thanh’s wizardry is to help you to overcome your blocks in Sales. He can help you to take what you learn in Sales to create a team within your business that knows how to sell, thereby multiplying the effectiveness of your businesses selling capability. Thanh can help you to show your customers the value of the treasures that you are providing them with and for you to be rewarded for this immensely.


Intuitively guided to help people. Ruth is the founder of MettaRetreats and expert in Personal Leadership, known internationally as a Facilitator of Change. Ruth helps people find their essence, the truth of their being, for the purpose of creating the life that they want. Ruth’s passion is to help people expand and grow through experiential training at her Retreats, focussing largely on developing strong foundations in personal connection, reflection and direction. Ruth helps you to connect with your Intuitive abilities and guides you to success in personal leadership through a holistic connection to yourself.


Martin has been cold calling, door knocking & selling since he was a kid. As well as a business coach, phone coach and facilitator, Martin is also a professional MC. He has connected with over 100,000 people either by face to face or over the phone. Martin can help you to feel what the customer is feeling over the phone. He has helped turned over millions of dollars for many of Australia's top 500 companies and SME’s. Bringing a smile to a customers face over the phone is what Martin does best, and he can show you exactly how to do this for yourself and your business. His style is interactive and he welcomes your "Business Challenge" questions to ensure you walk away with answers to help you grow your business. Fighting nerves and hiding from your customers is a common problem that Martin helps solve, and once you do, you can move towards achieving success. Customers that are engaged, attentive and interested in what you are offering is what Martin can help create for you to achieve true success in your business and life.


David’s true magic is to help you establish the Boundaries of your Business Universe. This is the Universe where your Business can thrive. David is well known as an excellent educator. David helps you the business owner create a revamped Context within your business environment. Imagine an environment where the owners and their team grow at the same time. They have a solid team culture by working together on the company’s true mission, which resonates across the whole team. This is an environment that David can help you the business owner create within your own business, and where everyone is a winner.  David’s training methods, though sometimes considered unorthodox, will leave you feeling empowered, invigorated and ready to play at a higher level of personal responsibility, joy and cooperation, creating a new way of being for you to embrace success. 


If Arshad played Cricket he would be a Master Blaster of Leadership & Communication coaching. He helps you the leaders in your business have more impact and drive real engagement when you communicate with others in your business. Arshad helps you find that connection point with the members in your team, so that when you communicate with them, they listen to what you are saying, not just with their ears, but with their hearts and minds. He has coached and trained CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Managers and Professionals from Mauritius, Australia & South-Africa and his clients regularly rate his training programs as one of the most inspiring and captivating ones they've ever attended, bringing about immediate and impactful results. Arshad can help you magnetise your leadership presence and voice and thereby awaken and tap into the true Leader that is exists dormant within you, to reach much greater success.


Annie’s heartfelt mission is to unlock your brilliance, your gifts, your never-ending potential and create amazing results for every area of your life.  With 20 years in finance, 13 years running her own lingerie company where she touched the lives of more than 10,000 women, making them feel beautiful from the inside out. Feeling empty and unfulfilled, at the age of 46 Annie made a remarkable shift and found her calling as an educator in the Personal Improvement world.  Annie is now honoured to continue the legacy of the two inspirational teachers Blair Singer and Mack Netwon who helped her find her calling. She delivers their Champion Level Goal Setting Program around the world. She is thrilled to take you through an exciting, inclusive, experiential process that will show you what is stopping you from achieving your goals, break down your self limiting beliefs, show you what is really important in your life and creating the right goals that will drive great results in all areas of your life in record time. In Annie’s words Success is Goal Setting, the rest is conversation.


Also known as Peaceful Lion, Harsha is a Student as well as a Teacher of Life. Harsha is passionate about helping people connect to learn from each other, bringing about powerful relationships that thrive. Harsha questions what’s just, and focuses his efforts in bringing about freedom and abundance to peoples lives through personal-growth & education. Harsha’s vision is a humanity that shifts is consciousness to support one another in the pursuit of a peaceful existence of all beings.

Training Times - We would agree with most of you in wanting to run the training on time on the 2 days. However sometimes we may adjust the times on the 2 days to fit in with what's practical, and to allow the trainers to complete their training, or to cater for other things like technical problems. We will do our best, however we encourage you to keep the higher goal of learning the material delivered on the 2 days and to be flexible to fit in with the timeframe that we keep to.

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