We have Launched!

It's been an interesting four months leading up to the Launch of the SlipStreamIT website. However now that we are here it is a very exciting time indeed! We have over 120 products listed. I will use the term listed, as many of these are currently in production.

We are offering a massive 25% discount at the checkout, and a further 25% rebate on delivery if you order these now (so a total saving of 50%!!! off the regular price), and that even for non members. If you are a member take a further 27% discount off the top. Again I will re-iterate that the membership fee for the first 1000 members will be at $83/year, which you can secure in as a on-going rate.

So why was it an interesting time I hear you thinking? Well as with any new venture, it takes much focus combined with passion and sheer persistence to get off the ground. However now that we are here, it seems almost se-real!

However we must admit the real work starts now, in the development of the procedures, plans, forms and all the Templates we have promised to deliver. We look forward to your suggestions, feedback, and comments on the products that are listed and any new ones that you can suggest.

Stay tuned for ways you can get involved in putting your skills and talents online, and get rewarded for it with the My Template Program.